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We've taken the feeling of an amber sunset and bottled it to help support chill days, restful nights, and better recovery.

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450 mg CBD Tincture - Enchant(mint)

Our broad spectrum mint flavored CBD tincture is THC free. Pairs perfectly with your beverage of choice or can be taken by itself! 😋

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900 mg Organic Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Cloud Kissed Lime

Our Cloud Kissed Lime flavored full spectrum tincture is certified USDA Organic and contains MCT oil for additional brain goodness. 🥥

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10mg CBD Gummies (Epic Sunset 🌅)

Our broad spectrum strawberry lemonade broad spectrum CBD gummies are gluten free, vegan, THC free and packed with bliss.

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250 mg CBD Cream (Silver Linings)

Looking for lotion that glides on like silk and can help nourish your skin and achy muscles? Give yourself the gift of a silver lining when your body needs a pick me up!

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CBD Bath Bombs 4 Pack (Sunset Soak)

It's time to turn your bathroom into your very own spa so you can ignore the world and chill out for an hour.

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CBD and Curcumin Capsules (A New Day 🌞)

New! Our broad spectrum CBD and Curcumin nano capsules are the perfect addition to your daily ritual to help support brain and body health!

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We're pretty bias but our products are great 👏🏼

I am extremely happy with adding this to my daily routine!


Epic Sunset is a very appropriate name as these CBD gummies have a citrusy, even floral taste that reminds me of summer.


It helps me feel calmer, especially at night when I take it, and serenity during the day.


Wonderful oil cannot wait to start my day with it!


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