Different Types of CBD? Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Isolate

broad spectrum cbd vs full spectrum cbd vs cbd isolate
By now you’ve probably heard of CBD products or maybe you’ve read through our introductory CBD guide but did you know there are different types of CBD? Three, actually! Knowing what each is and how they differ will help you choose which CBD products are right for you. So before you get caught up choosing between CBD gummies vs CBD oil or trying to make heads or tails of what different terms mean, check out our guide to the different types of CBD.

Different Types of CBD Exist?

Yep! As we said there are actually three different types of CBD available. They are:

  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Isolate
So what do those words mean? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Full Spectrum CBD 

what is full spectrum cbd?

No, we’re not talking about the spectrum of colors on a light prism here. Full spectrum CBD products refer to ones which contain small amounts of all components of the cannabis plant. This means they’re allowed to contain trace amounts of THC (up to 0.3%). While some full spectrum cbd products in states where cannabis is fully legal may have more than 0.3% THC, that is the maximum federally legal amount at this time.

Some studies have suggested full spectrum products may provide the “entourage effect” of cannabis components.

Broad Spectrum CBD

what is broad spectrum cbd?

So then what’s the difference between full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD products? Broad spectrum CBD products have had the THC completely removed (hello amber’s CBD products are all broad spectrum and THC free, however we may carry full spectrum in the future). This is ideal for people looking to fully avoid the small amounts of THC in full spectrum CBD products for personal, professional, or legal reasons.

Broad spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids and plant components of the cannabis plant besides THC and will also enable the entourage effect.

One of the CBD questions many people have is “does CBD show up on a drug test?” This highlights the most important difference between full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD products. CBD alone won’t show up on a drug test as most are designed to only detect THC breakdowns. The trace amounts in full spectrum CBD products, however, may show up on a drug test. Using broad spectrum CBD is the best way to minimize issues altogether.

CBD Isolate

what is cbd isolate?

If full spectrum has bits of all the components of the cannabis plant and broad spectrum CBD products mean they’ve taken all THC out, then what’s left? The answer: CBD isolate. CBD isolate is the third type of CBD available and is a pure form of CBD itself. It contains no other cannabis plant compounds at all.

CBD isolate is a crystal form of CBD, often ground up into a powder. Sometimes you may see it referred to as CBD crystals, and it can come in various forms like tincture or gummies.

CBD isolate may be beneficial for those looking to self-measure exact doses of CBD, wanting a flavorless/odorless CBD product, or those looking for versatile CBD products to add to food or drink. The tradeoff is that it has been suggested that taking a singular, isolated compound may not be quite as effective as other CBD products and does not offer the entourage effect.

While broad spectrum CBD has removed the THC, both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products contain other natural compounds found in the cannabis plant that may boost their effectiveness.

What's the Entourage Effect?

what is the entourage effect?

We mentioned this earlier in the post and it's something people are incredibly curious about when hearing the term. There's said to be a synergistic relationship between the naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant and CBD which could potentially help the physiological effects when taking it.
Full spectrum CBD enables the entourage effect, as does broad spectrum to a slightly lesser extent because broad spectrum doesn't contain CBD.

CBD isolate will not have the entourage effect.

What Type of CBD Is Right For You?

comparison chart of broad spectrum, full spectrum, cbd isolate

(A comparison of broad spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate)

Determining which of the different types of CBD products is right varies from person to person. Furthermore, how well it works and how long it takes to feel the effects of CBD will also vary based on other factors such as:

  • How you prefer to take it: Do you prefer to take a CBD gummy or edible product for slower effects, mixing oil with your morning or evening drinks, or taking straight tincture for the quickest effects?
  • How often you take it: Learning what CBD dosage routine works best for you may take some adjustment. Taking CBD regularly will produce the best results.
  • How your body reacts to it: Each person will react to CBD differently. This can be caused by body weight, metabolism, or other factors unique to your makeup. This is why finding the right dosage and routine may take some initial adjustments.
  • How it tastes: Different CBD products may have different tastes. Broad spectrum CBD typically has very little hemp taste. In our enchant(mint) tincture and epic sunset gummies it’s pretty much undetectable! Full spectrum CBD products, even flavored ones, tend to have a slightly more hemp-y taste to them.
Have patience and don’t be afraid to try different CBD products until you find what works best to support your lifestyle. Already using CBD daily? Learn how CBD and meditation work together as part of a relaxing daily self care ritual.

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