Keeping the Inevitable Holiday Stress At Bay

Holiday time is here again--yay! But it’s hard to forget that with holiday celebrations sometimes (ok, almost always) comes holiday stress. Seeing friends and family can be great, but our lives are already busy before the weekly parties, holiday shopping, and endless baking routines begin. To actually enjoy the holidays this year, it’s crucial you learn methods for managing holiday stress that work for you.

To help you in keeping the inevitable holiday stress at bay this season, let’s look at a few reminders we can all use.

Lots of People Experience Holiday Stress: You’re Not Alone

Even if you love the holidays, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by expectations of how they “should” go. Statistics have shown that nearly 70% of people report feelings of not having enough time or feeling financially strapped. Over 50% of those people also reported feeling pressure to give or receive gifts. Handling stress during the holidays is a skill that takes a little work but can be immensely freeing.

Remember: You Can't Win Everyone Over

And that's totally OK.

Everyone has different expectations of how the holidays will go, which is where most of the stress stems from. It's not unusual for 1-2 family members to take charge during the holidays, and this can leave you feeling like you're not being heard.

Open communication is so important during times like this. If you're not feelin' something or uncomfortable going somewhere, be sure to communicate that to your family member or friend so they can understand where you're coming from.

It's not guaranteed that a resolution or compromise will be reached, but doesn't it feel better to get something out in the open if you can safely do so?

Relaxing: Major 🗝 For Managing Holiday Stress

It might seem pretty obvious, but one of the best holiday stress tips is finding ways to stay chill and relax. Taking time to go to your happy place during the holidays is an important part of winter self care and essential to keeping the inevitable holiday stress at bay. Taking time for yourself isn’t being selfish!

And if it is... well, we're big advocates of being selfish then. :)

Combining CBD and meditation rituals is a practice we love. The potential stress-relieving qualities of CBD products used alongside calming meditation techniques may help recenter yourself when you feel those holiday stress levels rising. The best part is, you can meditate from pretty much anywhere and even a few minutes each day may help keep you feeling chill.

(Came across this post but not into CBD? Meditation by itself absolutely works wonders!)

Looking for another self care ritual to keep holiday stress down? Starting off your morning with a little “me” time and unwinding at night before bed can be great for managing holiday stress, too. Enjoying your morning coffee or ending the day with a comfy hot chocolate or herbal tea gives you a few minutes to relax and take everything in. It's all part of slowing things down and taking a breather.

Bonus Points: Check out some CBD drink recipes (including a delish peppermint latte) after this!

Reap the Benefits of Being Alone for Holiday Stress


👆🏼 Say hello to "Alone Armadillo"

Creating some time to be alone during the holidays (or any day really) can be beneficial. Scheduling some alone time is one of the easiest ways to cope with stress and other emotions while taking care of things you need to do so you can avoid feeling behind.

Since it’s not really possible to completely hide over the holidays, boundaries are a good skill to flex for managing holiday stress, as well. Saying no isn’t rude! In fact, saying no is one of the best skills to develop for handling stress during the holidays.

Keeping the inevitable holiday stress at bay means recognizing you may not really need to be at every single event in order to feel engaged. You don’t have to attend every party (or even stay a long time at the ones you do attend) if you need a little “me” time. Be mindful of your needs this holiday season and set boundaries where you need to.

Important Note: If you’re struggling with feelings of stress and uncertainty, please lean on healthcare professionals who can provide expert help to help you get a handle on it.

Managing Zoom Fatigue to Avoid Holiday Stress

Just because you’re not attending an event in person doesn’t mean it can’t be a source of holiday stress. Zoom fatigue is real! This kind of fatigue comes from the nature of video calls. For example, long periods of close eye contact are intense and may even stir up feelings of social anxiety.

Another common cause of zoom fatigue is looking at yourself during video calls. Experts agree that seeing ourselves constantly while speaking with others (let’s be honest, we’re all looking at ourselves on that video call 👀) makes us more critical of our movements, emotions, and mannerisms.

If you’re not flying out to see family this year but want to join in with a video call, take breaks whenever you need it. When you’re together in person, you can walk into another room. On Zoom, you’re stuck in place! Limiting your screen time on video calls (or evening screen time altogether, really), can help with keeping holiday stress levels down.

Don’t Let Gift “Expectations” Add to Holiday Stress

We know most people tend to feel some sort of obligation to give or receive gifts during the holidays. Even if you like giving gifts to others, determining what to get them, shopping for it, and spending money can be a huge source of holiday stress. This year, try to let go of those “expectations” you may sense and get back to the meaning of the holidays.

This doesn’t mean you can’t buy gifts for friends, family, or as charity donations. What we mean is an important part of managing stress during the holidays is knowing your limits and not pushing yourself beyond them for the sake of others.

Hopefully these holiday stress tips have given you something to think about this season. Knowing ways for keeping the inevitable holiday stress at bay can make a huge difference in how you enjoy them. Be sure to respect your own limits while taking time to care for yourself and everything could turn out great.

Adding CBD tinctures to your daily ritual may help manage holiday stress this year. If CBD drinks aren’t your thing, check out these CBD snacks for some delish snacks for yourself... or to share if you're in the holiday spirit. ;)

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