Best Adult Coloring Books - A Gift Guide For Yourself

best adulting coloring books with coffee and colored pencils
Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore and perfectly acceptable for adults, which is fantastic news tbh. The arrival of adult coloring books isn’t just a grasp at nostalgia, there’s actually a lot of therapeutic benefits to them. Right now, you can find selections of the best adult coloring books with everything from abstract images, to relaxing mandalas, to pictures celebrating all things 90s.

We’ve got your perfect gift guide to the best adult coloring books out there, and best of all, you don't technically have to gift them to someone else if you don't want to. They make perfect solo gifts.

You’ll laugh, you’ll feel inspired, but most importantly you’ll relax.

Mental Health Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Before we hop into our list of the best adult coloring books, let’s talk about their mental health benefits. How is coloring good for your health?

There have been multiple studies over the years about the potential benefits of adult coloring books in managing stress levels, improving focus, and increasing relaxation. One study in particular noted that coloring complex images like mandalas put the participants in an almost meditative-like state that reduced anxiety levels.

Coloring allows the fear center of your brain, called the amygdala, to relax and reduces the rapid thoughts of a restless mind. Whether you’re coloring in funny adult coloring books or calming mandalas, you go into a state of mindfulness and quiet focus that lets you de-stress after a long day. Put aside those work deadlines or that thing you forgot to pick up at the grocery store (oops) and just focus on your picture.

Using adult coloring books also gives your brain a workout. Coloring requires both sides of your brain to communicate. Staying in the lines means engaging fine motor skills while choosing color and planning out your picture engages the creative side of your brain.

Picking the best adult coloring books to use during a meditative night time ritual also gives you something to do that cuts down on screen time before bed. Screens emit blue light that can be harmful to your natural sleep cycle and prevent you from falling asleep easily. Choosing an adult coloring book keeps you off the screens while your mind unwinds before bed and doesn’t affect your melatonin levels! We're here for it.

And, The Best Adult Coloring Books Are...

So you’re sold on adult coloring books and wanna try one now, right? We thought so. So where to buy adult coloring books? They’ve started popping up in bookstores everywhere so they’re not too hard to find, but we’ve got our picks for the best adult coloring books right here:

  • Jerk unicorns for a funny adult coloring book of sparkly humor

  • Nostalgia for all things 90s to get a blast from the past

  • Hysterical swear words coloring book for adults

  • A coloring book from the popular "My Therapist Says" IG account

  • Animals drinking cocktails complete with pictures and recipes

  • Beautiful mandalas for relaxation and stress relief

  • Inspirational adult coloring book with words to get you motivated

  • Ocean-inspired coloring book to help you achieve zen

❶: "Unicorns Are Jerks" Coloring Book 🦄

Unicorns are sparkly and magical, and apparently jerks.

unicorns are jerks adult coloring book
 Unicorns Are Jerks is a funny adult coloring book that will make you laugh your stress away while you relax and bring their antics to colorful life.

❷ "The 1990s Coloring Book"

Dive into glorious nostalgia in this awesome adult coloring book focused on all things 90s!

the 1990s adult coloring book

From movies to music to fashion (please leave the 90s fashion on the page where it belongs) The 1990s Coloring Book rounds out our top picks for the best adult coloring books in the best way ever. Get 64 pages of awesomeness, but remember the crayons aren’t included 🖍.

❸ "You Are Fucking Awesome" Adult Coloring Book

You Are Fucking Awesome is a motivating, swear word-filled, and funny adult coloring book with 25 designs that will remind you just how fucking awesome you are.

you are fucking awesome adult coloring book

Who doesn’t want to color while being reminded they’re a badass? Coloring and affirmations all in one.

❹ "My Therapist Says... To Color" Coloring Book

If you're a fan of the "My Therapist Says" IG account like we are, you may be thrilled to know they released an adult coloring book.

my therapist says to... color adult coloring book

You can expect the same witty content that their account has, but in therapeutic coloring form. Cop it here.

❺ "Drinking Animals Coloring Book"

The fantastically funny adult coloring book Drinking Animals Coloring Book is on our list because what’s better than animal pictures and cocktail recipes?

drinking animals adult coloring book

They’ve accurately noted that this is a perfect gift for adults who love to party, but you can color and enjoy cocktails by yourself at home, too.

❻ "125 Mandalas" Adult Coloring Book

The beautiful and relaxing adult coloring book 125 Mandalas is filled with pages after page of stunning mandalas representing the creativity of countless cultures.

125 mandalas adult coloring book

From classic mandalas, to stained glass, and gemstone variations sparking calm creativity, there’s no question why this one makes our list of the best adult coloring books.

❼ "Inspirational Colouring Book for Everyone"

If swear words aren’t your thing, check out the motivation and creativity found in the Inspirational Colouring Book for Everyone.

Inspirational Colouring Book for Everyone

With 35 different pages filled with inspiration, self-reflection, and relaxation you’ll get into the zone with this one. 

❽ "Magic Ocean" Coloring Book

What’s more calming and serene than sea creatures and ocean scenes? The Magic Ocean Creative Adult Coloring Book leaves your stress 20,000 leagues under the sea...

magic ocean adult coloring book

... (we couldn’t help ourselves there 🤣 🐳)

Any of the books above from our 'best adult coloring books' list make perfect gifts for you (because: treat yo'self) but also friends and family. Adult coloring books help you relax and release your stress. So the next evening you’re unwinding with a CBD infused drink (psssst, we know where to find a CBD tincture to make one) whip out one of these adult coloring books and boost that relaxation.

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