Self-Care Ideas for Singles Awareness Day

 Forget Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day! Singles Awareness Day is a fun holiday celebrated on February 15th that brings alternatives to the typical couple-y activities of the day before. Who says you can’t have fun with your single girlfriends or guy friends (or by yourself)? This year, we’re bringing the focus back to you with self-care ideas for Singles Awareness Day you can enjoy solo or with friends.

Celebrating Singles Awareness Day in Style


You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to lead a full life or be happy.

Being “single” only comes from the idea that being a “couple” is the normal state of affairs. Without that being the norm, being single is just called being a human. Some food for thought if being known as “single” isn’t something you enjoy.

There’s plenty of self-care activities you can do to pamper and celebrate yourself, by yourself, like the amazing person you are. To celebrate Singles Awareness Day in style this year, check out these ideas:

  • Have a movie night
  • Send yourself flowers
  • Order takeout or delivery
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • Spread the love with friends
  • Practice gratitude
  • Make a self-care spa day
  • Do a girl’s/guy’s night out (or bring both!)
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunset

Movie Night Ideas for Singles Awareness Day


Sometimes the best way to relax and practice self-care rituals is just kicking back to watch a good movie. This Singles Awareness Day, plan a movie night with friends or by yourself. Pick out one or two of your favorite movies and enjoy. Don’t think just because it's Singles Awareness Day that you can’t watch your favorite rom-com, either. You do you—it’s your day. 😉

Send Yourself Flowers


Okay, okay, we know that sending yourself flowers might sound a little sad–but why? You can make Singles Awareness Day be anything you want it to be. Love some flowers? Have them delivered! Embrace the empowerment that your self-care ritual brings you and rock those blooms.

Order Takeout or Delivery


Have a favorite restaurant? Sounds like the perfect dinner for Singles Awareness Day to us. Order takeout or delivery and let dinner come to you. Whether you enjoy it solo or invite some friends over to share, this is a day to make it all about what makes you happy. Sushi (or pizza!?) and a movie marathon? Sign us up. 📝

Cook Your Favorite Meal


(Bonus points if you recognize the show in the gif above)

If you haven’t cooked for one before… this is a great day to try it!? If you love to cook, then get in that kitchen and whip up your favorite meal for Singles Awareness Day. If you’re planning to celebrate the day with your best friends, everyone enjoys a feast.

Feeling like getting creative with self-care in the kitchen? We know a few delicious CBD dinner recipes you can try! 🤤

Spread the Love With Friends


Think Singles Awareness Day can’t be a time to share the love? Think again. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t show your love and appreciation to those who mean the most to you. If you’re getting friends together for dinner and a movie night, why not kick the evening off with everyone sharing what they love about each other?

Not only is this an awesome way to show appreciation, but it makes you feel good giving and receiving love.

Practice Gratitude


Finding ways to practice gratitude is another self-care activity for Singles Awareness Day to put you in the right spirit. Don’t focus on things you may not currently have or things you may want. Instead, focus on practicing gratitude for the wonderful things in your life that make you exactly who you are.

You can write these in a daily guided journal with prompts to help you craft your thoughts, or go freestyle with a gratitude journal sesh.

Tip: Practicing gratitude can be a great self-care ritual to do all year round, not just on Singles Awareness Day. Give it a shot and see how it could positively impact your daily life!

Singles Awareness Day Self-Care Spa Time


If you’re anything like us, you know the value of a good spa day. We don’t mean you have to drop tons of cash and go to a health spa either (unless you want to – do you!). Singles Awareness Day is the perfect time to bring the spa to you with a self-care spa day at home. Kick the day off with a bubble bath and CBD bath bomb that can help you relax and give you that little something extra.

Always wanted to try a mud mask? Go for it.

Found a CBD cream that can support skin nourishment and achy muscles? Now’s the time to try it out! Your spa day can be comforting, relaxing, and might just be a little something you start planning regularly.

Singles Night Out


If your idea of self-care for Singles Awareness Day means going out and having a blast then you should go for it.

After all, today is about what makes you happy. Planning a singles night out with your best friends can be a fun way to celebrate the awesomeness of Singles Awareness Day together. 

Enjoy the Sunset


Last, but definitely not least, on our list of self-care ideas for Singles Awareness Day is to wrap it up with a beautiful sunset. Take a sunset cruise, plan a hike with a scenic view, or just take a look out the window from home. Enjoy the day you had and all the magic that came with it as a #SunsetChaser

We hope we’ve inspired you to celebrate this Singles Awareness Day and make it one of the best days of the year.

You deserve to pamper yourself and be treated like royalty, so get planning on how you’re going to skip out on Feb 14th and enjoy Feb 15th. :)

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