Bath Rituals: How To Take a Relaxing Bath

Did you think taking a bath was just for kids? Absolutely not -- our founder carves out time for a bath every week.

Taking a relaxing bath is a prime self-care activity that can clear your mind and even help heal your body. You don’t have to take one every day (although if that’s your jam, then more power to you!), but making time for a regular relaxing bath session can make a huge impact on your overall well-being.

We’re taking a look at the benefits of taking a bath and giving you tips for how to take a relaxing bath as part of your new self-care ritual. 🛁 Read on and prepare yourself for total bliss!

Benefits of Taking a Bath

Before we hop into tips for how to take a relaxing bath, why should you take one? Where a warm shower can wash the day away, taking a bath gives you time to really recenter your mind and relax your body. In fact, studies have recognized the potential for the positive physical and mental effects of bathing. It’s science! 💁🏻‍♀️

Some of the benefits of taking a bath include:

  • Improving heart health
  • Helping you breathe easier
  • Pain relief
  • Managing stress and anxiety levels
  • Cleansing and moisturizing your skin
  • Improving sleep quality

That’s a long list of benefits for sitting in water, isn’t it? The thing about learning new ways for how to take a relaxing bath is that you can use it as a method for how to cope with stress, as part of making lifestyle changes that last, or to just reconnect with yourself. The most important thing is to be present in the moment and let yourself experience the most of your bath rituals.

How to Take a Relaxing Bath

Speaking of bath rituals–let’s talk about how to take a relaxing bath. There’s something so calming and soothing about sliding into a warm bath. Having bath rituals not only helps you in the moment, but gives you something to look forward to.

Is your bath time a reward for making it through the week?

Maybe you use it to de-stress and unwind on Sunday night before taking on the week ahead.

No matter what your reasons, there are plenty of tips for how to take a relaxing bath you can try out like:

  • Unplug completely
  • Sync bath rituals with the moon cycle
  • Use a bath bomb
  • Listen to music
  • Reading in the bath
  • Candle time

Unplug From Technology in the Bath

We spend more and more time glued to screens throughout our day. From phones and tablets to laptops and tv, the average amount of daily screen time has increased dramatically in recent years. Studies have recognized potential links between higher screen time, sedentary lifestyles, and depression in adults.

One of the best things you can do for how to take a relaxing bath is to unplug and just be in the moment. You don’t need to be connected to everyone you’ve ever met right then. Let your bath ritual be about taking care of yourself and reconnecting with you.

Practice Moon Bath Rituals

Trying moon bath rituals and learning how to take a relaxing bath centered around the moon cycles is a great way to connect with nature while making time for yourself. The moon has a powerful connection to water and a direct impact on the ebb and flow of the tide over the entire planet. Such a strong connection to water makes moon bath rituals perfect for starting new habits.

To involve moon bath rituals when learning how to take a relaxing bath, try practicing new moon baths and full moon baths. The new moon is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and rebirths. While you’re learning how to take a relaxing bath during the new moon, start by setting your intentions and allowing your bath to cleanse you of the past. It makes for an incredible, freeing feeling full of new possibilities and reinvigoration.

The week of the full moon is when it is the most visible. A full moon bath ritual is the perfect time to let the energy flow over you and to recognize what you’re thankful for. One of our favorite full moon bath rituals is to start by writing in a daily guided journal to celebrate our successes, acknowledge our challenges, and show gratitude, followed by writing down what no longer serves us and tearing it up.

Use Bath Bombs to Relax

Another great bath ritual for how to take a relaxing bath is to use bath bombs! If you’ve never used a bath bomb before, they’re loaded with relaxing scents, oils, and extracts to turn your bath into something really special. You can even kick the relaxation up a notch with CBD bath bombs with essential oils to support sore muscles, encourage relaxation, help melt stress away, and promote great sleep.

Use one and give yourself permission to relax and ignore the world for an hour while you focus on you!

Find Relaxing Music to Listen to In the Bath

If sitting in complete silence isn’t really your thing, listening to music during your bath rituals is a calming way for how to take a relaxing bath and recenter yourself. Much better than engaging in screen time, listening to calming music (keep it around 60 BPM) can have a profound effect on your mindset and help you unwind.

Reading in the Bath

Want a fully unplugged activity to try while you’re learning how to take a relaxing bath? Reading in the bath engages your mind and lets you journey into a whole new place without ever leaving the tub!

We prefer old school physical books to read in the tub because it keeps the screens away. If you’re diving into an ebook, though, consider blue light blockers to avoid overexposure that might derail your relaxation.

Taking a Relaxing Bath With Candles

Last, but not least, on our journey for tips on how to take a relaxing bath is lighting a few candles. Lighting candles can help soothe the soul and relax the mind. There are aromatherapy candles with essential oils you can try that can help you completely relax and tune out the world for a while. Scents like lavender, spearmint, citrus aromas, or vanilla all make ideal fragrances to help you unwind.

We hope this guide has given you a few ideas to try for how to take a relaxing bath. Starting new bath rituals is the perfect way to practice self-care and indulge your desires. You may be surprised at how much your new bath rituals positively impact your life. What are you waiting for? Get to the tub!

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