*Collective Sigh* What Helps with Period Cramps?

It’s that time. The time we dread every month when mother nature brings back the gift none of us asked for. Annnnnd here comes the period cramps right along with it. *collective sigh*

And yes, while we should consider ourselves lucky that we experience this every month, it doesn’t take away from the pain we inevitably feel.

At the best of times, period cramps can just be slightly annoying, but bearable. At their worst though, they can stop you from doing the things you want to do, getting work done, or keeping up your daily routine.

So what helps with period cramps? Alongside more traditional methods like snacking on your favorite comfort food and a heating pad (we should seriously get automatic discounts on those), there are also other options like CBD for period cramps that could help.

Since we don't need to belabor the pain aspect of it, let’s dive in and talk about what helps with period cramps to keep your monthly friend from cramping your lifestyle.

What Causes Period Pains?

Before jumping into talking about what helps with period cramps, what causes period pain? Period pain, medically called dysmenorrhea, can range from being mild to severe. It comes from the contraction of your uterus while shedding its lining during your period. Even though your uterus continuously contracts all the time, during your period these contractions are more intense, bringing on those lovely period cramps we deal with.

Since hello amber is a woman-owned business (that’s me! 👋), we feel your pain…literally. While having this happen every month can feel like an unbearable and unwelcome cycle, instead of getting frustrated, let’s use it as a time to give our body the attention and rest it needs.

Let’s honor it.

As a heads up: Severe menstrual cramps could be a sign of a more serious condition, though, so if you’re experiencing intense pain, be sure to talk to your doctor for their professional guidance.

What Helps Period Cramps?

Okay so: what helps with period cramps? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Different techniques work for different people, so it’s all about finding what works best for you. Some common remedies for what helps with period cramps include things like:

  • Taking a hot, relaxing bath
  • Exercising or being active
  • Eating the right foods for period pain
  • Trying acupuncture

Taking a Hot, Relaxing Bath


It feels like a bath can solve anything tbh, and one of our favorite period cramp remedies is taking a warm bath. Taking a relaxing bath is a great self-care activity that can clear your mind and ease menstrual cramps. Don’t think you have to wait for that time of the month to enjoy one, though. We love adding bath rituals to our weekly routine to relax and unwind–give that a shot.

Bonus Thought: Even if baths aren’t your thing, scheduling time to just relax and *be* can help take the edge of period cramps. Don’t be afraid to make the time and give yourself the care you need.

Exercise for Period Cramps


Depending on your pain levels and lifestyle, being active might be the absolute last thing you wanna think about when when period cramps hit. That said, exercise for period cramps relief can sometimes be beneficial.

You don’t have to go 0-100 at the gym. Instead, try calming exercises like yoga to stretch your muscles, loosen up your body, and experience the relaxing effects of different poses. The stretching and breathing can work wonders in grounding and centering you amongst the pain.

On top of relieving pain from menstrual cramps, exercise releases endorphins that can help with period mood swings. The natural pain-relieving properties of endorphins, these “feel-good” hormones may elevate your mood and keep you thinking more clearly even through the most unbearable of periods.

Eating the Right Foods to Help Period Pain


We love comfort foods as much as anyone, especially when we just feel like crawling into a ball, but did you know that what you eat can make a difference in how you feel? Before you reach for that bowl of ice cream, hear us out 👀 While it feels good in the moment, sugary foods like ice cream can actually make period cramps worse (sorry we're bursting your bubble). The best foods to eat on your period are anti-inflammatory choices as well as foods that lower estrogen levels naturally.

Next time the cramps set in, skip over the processed sugar-y foods and opt for lighter, refreshing foods like:

  • Fresh berries (especially blueberries and blackberries)
  • Leafy greens like kale
  • Vegetables like broccoli
  • Whole grains
  • Salmon
  • Lemons
  • Watermelon

Trying Acupuncture for Period Cramps


Did you know you might be able to add acupuncture to your list of what helps with period cramps, too?

This Asian healing method is focused on relaxing your nervous system, allowing more blood to flow throughout the body and fighting inflammation. Studies have even been done that showed women experiencing period pain who used acupuncture as treatment had less pain compared to those using OTC medication or no treatment at all.

CBD for Menstrual Cramps

Now that we’ve gone over the typical options for what helps with period cramps, what about newer methods you might not have tried yet? You may be familiar with some of the potential benefits of CBD oil and other products, but does CBD help with period cramps, too? While there’s still research to be done, early signs point to the potential effectiveness of CBD for menstrual cramps.

Curious on how to start using CBD for menstrual cramps? There are loads of ways to get creative ranging from topical creams to adding CBD oil to your favorite snacks!

CBD Creams for Period Cramps

CBD creams are an easy go-to for using CBD for period cramps because you can add it right into your morning or evening ritual. The best CBD cream products may even have other ingredients like organic aloe vera juice to protect your skin from pollution and restore dry skin, as well.

CBD Oil for Period Pain

CBD oils are one of the most popular products women are turning to when using CBD for menstrual cramps. These products can be taken orally or even easily added to your favorite foods. We love comfort food when dealing with period cramps, and CBD snacks recipes make it easy to combine the best of both worlds.

Not feeling snack-ish? Hot lemon tea is a relaxing drink to pair with mint-flavored CBD oil for a flavor combo you can’t help but love.

Other CBD Period Products

Creams and oil aren’t the only CBD period products to make our list of what helps with period cramps. While every person will react differently to taking CBD, you can also try things like gummies or adding a CBD bath bomb to deepen your relaxation experience. Try out different CBD products and see which works best for you to give you possible relief from your (what feels like endless) cycle.

Finding out what helps with period cramps can be a lifesaver. We’ve all experienced those period pains and the mood swings they bring with them, but taking the time to give your body what it needs could save you from some of the frustration. From relaxing bath rituals to comforting CBD snacks, try some of these out and don’t let cramps cramp your lifestyle any more than they need to.

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